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1.1 This policy gives a description on how YnS-Games (“us”, “we”, or “our”) collects, stores,           and uses information about you applying to all of our games on mobile devices, PCs or on       other platforms in order to provide you and develop our products.

1.2 All YnS-Games activities regarding marketing and advertising and other services                     (“Services”) are governed by this Privacy Policy on all platforms that using or accessing a          Service means you have

      agreed to the use of your information in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

1.3 If there’s any concern regarding providing your information to us or you disagree it being

     used asdescribed in this Privacy Policy, please do not install or use the Services.



2.1 Your information is collected at the start of using our games and/or other Services, and           our website. Personal data include, but are not limited to: your name, country and region,

     address,email address, device information, and game play information. We use this data to

     provide you with better of our games and Services in purposes of optimization, preventing

     fraud, and for marketing and advertising. We may also collect information from advertising

     platforms and partners and other third parties such as information about purchases and


2.2 In more detail, the collecting information consists how you play our games (such as which

      item and  how much of them got used, levels attempted and purchases made) and any

      permitted information you grant when creating an account with us and connecting to your

      social network accounts.

2.3 We may collect and process the following types of information:

     - the playtime of yours using our app.

     - if you have left the game on a specific level or if you have cleared it.

     - the score you earned in levels.

     - the items you use, purchase, and/or own.

     - information we collect via cookies and other similar technologies, as explained further


     - your interactions with us on our social media channels;

     - information as further set out in this Privacy Policy, including Social sharing features,               Marketing and Advertising;

     - in any contact between you and us, we may keep a record in purposes to give best

       answer to

       provide you a better experience using our app.

     - information we collect about you from our other group companies or other third party

       companies who have your consent or have other legal right to share granted information

       with us (advertising networks and publishing partners, platforms). This may include your

       interests, other games you played, demographic and general location information. We will

       use this information as described in this Privacy Policy.

    - purchase history on behalf of our payment service providers to keep a record on if a

      purchase has been successfully made. We do not collect credit card information.

    - the type of your device, IP address, your game ID when using the app, and the country or

       region that you’re playing in.

    - If you choose not to connect to your social network accounts when using our games, we

      collect anonymous information and still there will be a device level identifiers and other

      information described here.

2.4 We may ask for your approval to collect other information in some circumstances from you

     or your device. If we do this or any other similar activities, we will inform you what

     information we are

      to collect, the reason we collect it, and how we will be using that information. For various

      purposes we may share your information with third party publishers who develop and

      provide games and other Services to your on our behalf.

2.4.1 Optimizing Our Services to Provide

     - We analyze and optimize to provide you the best of our products using your information 

        included with use and analysis of aggregated data to verify that our services work

        properly on all devices.

2.4.2 Customer Services

     - Your information data delivered or provided directly to us in communications in terms of

       customer service and through its channels will be used. We may use such information to

       contact you and to manage your account and relationship with us to improve your

       experience in our Services.

2.4.3 Analytics and Research

     - We collect information using useful tools such as third party analytics tools to see how

       you play our games or use our Services. Those tools may contain cookies or other similar

       tracking technologies. We may use your data for research and analytics purposes to

       engage with you directly. We may also create reports, analysis or similar services for use         by us for the purposes of research or business intelligence.

2.4.4 Social and Community

     - There are social and community channels we use to communicate with our players, we

       will  receive your information only when you choose to interact with those channels,

       information be used in connection with those channels. We will more closely engage with

       you through those channels and may republish your posts to those channels.



3.1 We may serve ads based on your information we collect about you within our Services or

     place ads on third party websites, apps and internet-connected devices. Information we

     may have about you such as: ad identifiers and other non-personal information collected

     from your device,how you interact with our game and Services the game play information,

     your age, country or region, and gender, and other information collected from third parties

     with legal right to share it with us are used to make sure that you only see marketing from

     us that might be of interest to you.

3.2 Marketing Partners

     - There are various third party marketing partners we use when we market our games in


        With the help of your information collected when you use their services, they make

        assumptions to ensure that most relevant advertising that you would prefer to see is

        presented. We’re not responsible for data use of our marketing partners though there’s

        always a legal basis required for them to use your data for marketing purposes and to

        provide you the details on how it’s being used. For more information we recommend for

        you to scan through our partners’ privacy policies on their websites(a full list can be

        found here).



4.1 Our games are included with third party advertising for their products and services. We

     and our partners use your information to improve advertising and targeting to measure

     the relevant third party ads to show in our games. Information we may have about you

     such as: ad identifiers and other non-personal information collected from your device, how

     you interact with our game and Services the game play information, your age, country or

     region, and gender, and other information collected from third parties with legal right to

     share it with us are used to make sure that you only see ads from us that might be of

     interest to you.

4.2 Advertising Partners

- Non-personal identifiers and other information collected from your device when you play our

     games or use our Services are shared with advertising partners in order to technically

     deliver the ads to your device. Such information may be combined with collected

     information of our advertising partners own to serve you with more relevant ads and to

     enhance the accuracy of their targeting. For more information we recommend for you to

     scan through our partners’ privacy policies on their websites(a full list can be found here).

4.3 Ad Identifiers

-  We use ad identifiers that are non-permanent, non-personal identifiers such as the Android

     and/or Apple’s ID for advertising associated with your device, and similar technologies

      such as tracking pixels within ads to provide interest-based advertising. These

      technologies enable us and our third party advertising partners to recognize you and your

      device, allow our Services to interact with a third party social network or platform and

      help our payment processors to work it out your payment instructions.

4.4 How to reset your preferences for advertising

-  You may reset your ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising by changing the

     settings of your device usually found under “privacy” or “ads”. You can also opt-out from

     your information being collected if you live in the USA, Europe or Canada by visiting (for US users), (for

     European users) or (for Canadian users). The full use of our

     Services may not available if you choose to adjust your preferences.



5.1 Right of Access

-   If you wish to know which information we collect and hold about you please contact us so

    we can verify your identity to provide you with requested information. If the information

    hold personal information about someone else we may not allow to give all the information

   asked for.

5.2 Right of rectification

-   If there is any information we hold about you that you would like to correct, please let us

    know at we will make corrections as soon as possible.

5.3 Right to erasure

-   If you wish to delete any information about you, please contact us knowing that in order to

     complete the process you must delete our games from your mobile devices. There may be

     some information we will be still holding for other purposes such as protecting legal rights

     or maintaining financial records and marketing suppression lists. Any anonymised form

     that holds of your information may be retained as well.

5.4 Account Deactivation

-  You can deactivate your account you created in our game by contacting us. Please note that

   we may ask you about other information such as your mobile device information and once

   it is completely deactivated your unspent virtual items may not be remained.

5.5 Right of data portability

-  You have the right to request the data provided to us to be transferred to another data

    controller in some circumstances.

5.6 Right to restrict processing

-  You may request a restriction of the processing of your data in some circumstances.

5.7 Right to object to processing

-  You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data unless we indicates

     compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which ignores the interests, rights and

     freedoms of the data subject.



6.1 Our Services may offer social sharing features and other integrated tools enabling share

     actions you take in the apps with other media. You must be over the minimum age limit

     prescribed by the legislation in the individual jurisdictions to use such social sharing

     features which may, depending on the settings you set with the entity, share information

     with your friends or the public.

6.2 Our Services may has social features from the following providers, for more information

     about the processing driven by the third parties regarding social sharing features, please

     visit the privacy policies of the entities found here:

- Facebook:

- Game Center:

- Google Play Games:



7.1 To use and play our Services you must be over a certain age depending on where you live.

     For the full list of age restrictions by country, please see below. We do not knowingly

     collect personal information from or direct or target interest based advertising to anyone

     under the ages set out below. We also do not knowingly allow such persons to use our

     Services, if in any way such personal data have been processed under the age set out

     below, please contact us so we can delete that information as quickly as possible.

7.2 Please see below listed with age. You must be to play and use our games and Services

     depending on which country you are in while using our games and Services. Please do not

     play our games or use our Services if you are under the relevant age. Our games are

     intended to be played by adults and we do not knowingly collect, and do not wish to

     collect, information about children.

7.3 List of age resctictions by country:

-  Austria(14), Belgium(13), Bulgaria(13), Croatia(13), Republic of Cyprus(13), Czechepublic(13),

     Denmark(13), Estonia(13), Finland(15), France(16), Germany(16), Greece(13), Hungary(16),

     Ireland(13), Italy(13), Latvia(13), Lithuania(16), Luxembourg(16), Malta(13), Netherlands(16),

     Poland(13), Portugal(13), Romania(13), Slovakia(16), Slovenia(13), Spain(13), Sweden(13),

     UnitedKingdom(13), Republic of Korea(14), Rest of the world(13)



8.1 If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email at

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